ReModelling your kitchen

My family and I have recently moved house, into a 1960’s semi-detached bungalow previously owned by an elderly couple. As you would expect the property is somewhat dated and in need of a considerable amount of renovation work to bring it up date. As is often the case the kitchen in particular is crying out for a blast of contemporary kitchen design wizardry.  My husband and I have renovated properties before although usually with the intention of putting them straight back on the market for resale, sticking to a strict budget and keeping choices fairly neutral has always been the main objective so installing bespoke fitted kitchens was out of the question. However on this occasion we intend to make this property our family home for the foreseeable future and with that in mind our focus is less on making a profit and more on creating a home that is comfortable, stylish and reflects our own tastes.
Often referred to as the heart of the home, we felt it was only right to start work on kitchen. Well to be quite honest we had no choice. We had no sink, no cooker and no cupboards so there was actually no kitchen at all when we first moved in, and the novelty of eating microwave food and washing up in the bathroom soon wore off believe me!

Over the years interior design has become a bit of an obsession for the two of us, and if we aren’t plonked in front of yet another rerun of Grand Designs we are traipsing around showrooms and DIY stores looking for inspiration. When it comes to modern fitted kitchens we have picked our way through the pro’s and con’s of dozens of different styles and designs and should by now have some idea of what we like and what we want to achieve. Obviously we wanted our new kitchen to look the part, we want a kitchen with real wow factor, but for me ‘little miss sensible’ it must also be practical. I do not see the point of cupboards so high you need a step ladder to reach them or built in appliances that hardly ever get used and are a nightmare to clean when you actually do!
We are keen admirers of german kitchen design. Their ideas are truly innovative,  they are sleek and modern, and the build quality is exceptional. We have seen many examples of german kitchens both in showroom and actually in peoples homes and seriously considered installing one in our new home. But when it comes to kitchen design uk companies have seriously upped their game, and there are now several companies offering beautifully crafted kitchens right here in the UK. From traditional styles, handcrafted from solid wood to the absolute elite in contemporary kitchen design the UK are truly making their mark. So the patriot in me is now determined to buy British and we are now focused on finding the very best homegrown talent.

CAD bespoke kitchen

CAD is a great tool for trying out your contemporary kitchen ideas


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