Thinking About Kitchen Storage Solutions

Bespoke kitchen storage

Being clever with your space can increase the usable storage of any bespoke kitchen

You may have created the perfect designer kitchen for dining and socialising with friends, but primarily it is still used for cooking. Badly organised or difficult to access storage may make this far more difficult than it needs to be. There are of course new and innovative storage solutions filtering onto the market all the time, each designed to improve the ergonomics of the domestic kitchen. Below are some simple ideas that can be incorporated into any contemporary kitchen design to improve your culinary experiences.
– Fully extending drawers allow a complete overview of the contents, making it far easier to locate commonly used items.  Use cutlery trays, drawer dividers and plate holders to aid organisation further.
– A pull out larder or corner carousel will make it much easier to find ingredients without rummaging around in the back of cupboards.
– Heavy pots and pans should be stored close to the cooking area so they are within easy reach.
– Reduce clutter on your worktops by using available wall space for storage. Shelving, rails and racks offer an assortment of storage options and keep essential items within easy reach.
– Shallow shelves inside cupboards allow you to fit door mounted baskets than increase the overall capacity of the cupboard and also allow the contents to become immediately visible.
– Use the space under your sink for waste disposal, this will help to avoid spillages on the floor and is within easy reach during food preparation.
By incorporating some of these ideas into your design you can create the impression of a luxury fitted kitchen on a fairly reasonable budget. Another option is to have bespoke kitchen furniture designed perfectly to meet your own individual needs. Using a combination of drawers, cupboards and shelving you can create a look that is in keeping with your required style but with practical elements that really work for you.


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