Open your mind to contemporary kitchen design

I recently visited an exhibition in Nottingham showcasing the very latest trends in contemporary kitchen design. As an amateur property developer and of course a homeowner myself this is an area that has become particularly interesting to me in recent years. It seems nowadays the appearance and functionality of a modern fitted kitchen can greatly influence the sale of a property therefore making it worthy of significant investment.

In the past I have opted for ‘off the shelf’ kitchens from well known high street suppliers. My focus has generally been on budget rather than setting new standards in design or style. I have always found them to be perfectly acceptable, good build quality and a decent range of options although nothing with the real wow factor. My latest renovation project is screaming out for something more exciting so I was hoping my visit to the exhibition would open my eyes to the world of bespoke fitted kitchens.

Soft close bespoke kitchen drwaer

The angles profile of this drawer brings somthing different to this contemporary kitchen

As I spoke to some of the exhibitors I learnt a lot about storage solutions, lighting techniques, new materials and the ergonomics of a modern kitchen. There is a real buzz in the air and this is a very exciting time for kitchen design. Food for thought that’s for sure and all very enlightening but does any of it really translate into a normal British family home? I’m not sure. Is a kitchen really worth this much effort? Or is it just a room full of boxes of various sizes stuck to a all?
I must admit though, I was very impressed by some of the new gadgets that were used during the live cooking demonstration. It is no longer acceptable to fit a standard oven and hob in a bespoke fitted kitchen when there are so many luxury appliances to choose from. The integrated wok is breathtaking,not only does it look impressive but it actually works! I was also rather taken with the idea of a warming drawer, and the steam oven was an item I had read about but never seen in use.
I’m not entirely sure I am sold on the idea of what is now considered contemporary kitchen design. To me it appears cold, stark and a bit too masculine. But I can appreciate what contemporary kitchen design is, why there is such a huge amount of passion surrounding the art, how it will shape the future of our homes and why for some, it becomes an obsession.  Follow this link to see the latest design by Mascari


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